Monday, 4 January 2016

The Buyer's Archive - December

Last year, I started keeping a note of the clothes I was buying.  My spending habits had decreased in recent times and I was craving more space and less stuff.  Being mindful about what my money went on with regards to non-necessities seemed like the logical place to start.  I had an idea to compare my purchases from this time last year to the ones I've made this year and see if there's any change, and if I wasted my money on stuff that didn't last, or that I changed my mind about.

It seems my December purchases follow the same pattern, in that I don't buy anything all month then find my shopping mojo again post-Christmas.  In 2014 though, it was all about the sales...

M&S burgundy loafers sale
debenhams tan ankle boots heel zip sale
M&S burgundy loafers - £25
I'd been eyeing these shoes up for a while before I got them on sale.  They were worn quite a bit last year, although I've worn boots almost exclusively for the past couple of months.  They stretched a little but they still just about fit, so I'm sure I'll be wearing them a lot this year too.

Debenhams tan ankle boots - £14.80
I got these super reduced in the sale (full, highly exciting story here) and they met all my very specific boots needs but ultimately, they just weren't right, and I think they might have been sold at the car boot sale for a couple of quid in the summer.  The soles were slippy and they made my feet look even bigger, not really a look I was going for, and they were probably slightly less casual looking than I wanted.

M&S cord skirt sale monsoon navy polka dot dress
M&S cord skirt - £16
I loved this skirt more last winter than I did when I got it out of storage again in September.  I'm not sure why - maybe it feels shorter now, or it rises up a bit when I walk?  I'm still wearing it, but it's just not a wardrobe highlight anymore.

Monsoon polka dot dress - £27.50
I was a bit unsure about this dress when I first tried it on but I'm glad I bought it.  I've worn it a couple of times in the past fortnight alone, and it got fairly regular outings all year.  Can't go wrong with a dress that's both jersey and navy, right?

Sports Direct bright running jacket - £11.99
This was bought with the best of intentions - I wanted to start running outside again but it's just too cold and damp for my lungs in the winter, so it didn't get as much use as I expected.  By the time it was mild enough to go out it was past the season for long sleeves!  I'm still planning to wear it this year though.

M&S sports bra - £12.50
Really like this bra and it was worn a lot when I was going to the gym regularly.  Must get back to it!

Total spend for December 2014 was... £107.79.  Kind of insane, although I got what I'd call 'essentials' in there.  Since I buy most of my sports bras and shoes (and indeed, a lot of my other clothes) from M&S, it made sense to snap up these things in the sale.  I'm disappointed the boots didn't end up being favourites, but at least I know they went to a better home.  Or another home anyway!

This past December's purchases were the result of one trip to the charity shops with Tam last week.  We were feeling all excited about being off work together on a weekday, so we treated ourselves to sushi for lunch and some second-hand shopping.  I did better than expected, considering I went with the intention to buy absolutely nothing wardrobe related. Same old story...

mantaray debenhams house print shirt dress navy charity shop
Mantaray @ Debenhams house print dress via charity shop - £1.85
I don't usually suit this type of neckline but couldn't resist the fun design on this shirt dress.  Luckily, it fits perfectly!  Apologies for the rubbish pictures - I couldn't seem to find any daylight when it came to photographing everything...  Obviously, I have no need for another dress but it's long enough that it'll work year round and the same colour as most of my other clothes, so the matching possibilities are endless.

vintage blouse shirt charity shop stripe tshirt george asda
Vintage floral blouse via charity shop - £2.99
I rarely wear blouses but was completely won over by the bright pattern and oversized shape of this one.  The label is too worn to read the brand but that hardly matters.  Tam's been calling it my jazzy shirt so I might have to officially name it.

George @ Asda stripe t-shirt via charity shop - £1.69
I'm a bit dubious about the quality of Asda's clothing, although Tam's mum always manages to pick up nice things in there.  Time will tell if this t-shirt stands up to repeat wears.  It's not easy to find them in good condition second-hand though, so I was happy to give it a shot.

This December's total spend was...  £6.53.  Much better!  

I'll be doing a post at some point to sum up a whole year of my Buyer's Archive series and I'll definitely be continuing it this year, but hopefully everyone has enjoyed it so far.  I might start up a linky if anyone else wants to join in each month?   Janet is already on board and Donna and Steff have taken part at various points too, so I'm on a mission to persuade more people to document their spending in the new year!


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