Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Yarn Along

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I've been working on something for myself!  In between other projects, because apparently I'm not a monogamous crafter any more.  I bought this chunky yarn over a year ago with the intention of making myself a scarf but I could never quite decide how I wanted it to look.  I wanted cables - not too many, but enough that they were the main feature.  I also didn't want it to be too wide, since I have a few giant scarves already.  Around Christmas time, I stumbled upon the Chorley Wrap by Rowan and knew it was the one.  Obviously I've scaled it down size-wise to make it narrower and more scarf-like, but all this really involved was using one strand of chunky instead of holding a thicker yarn double, which is how the original design is constructed.

I love how it looks.  Alas, I hate knitting cables.  I never realised how tedious they were before.  I think this design is so pretty though, that I just have to keep going.  Making the scarf seems to have been the catalyst for all the other projects I've been working on - I've only mananged to knit about two feet of scarf but I've also knitted half a baby cardigan and two hats, and sewn a cushion cover and a zippy pouch for my friend.  Oh, and read about three books more than usual.  Never fear though, the queen of procrastination will definitely have a new scarf in time for next winter!

(find the Chorley wrap pattern for free here)

I've had a lot of interesting reads lately, but Fashion on the Ration by Julie Summers is my favourite in a long time.  I love reading about social history in the twentieth century and anything to do with style, so this was always going to be right up my street, but the writing is great and easily digestible. It turns out there's more to the fashion side of war history than Make Do and Mend!  I've just read a chapter on how couponing worked and it sounds like it was ridiculously complicated - I now have even more respect for the people that lived through death and destruction and still had to deal with the logistics of something as basic as feeding and clothing a family.

What's everyone crafting and reading this week?

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