Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A trip to Cardiff and Barry Island

cardiff city centre flags

national museum of wales exterior architecture building

cardiff wales architecture tk maxx shops

vintage shop front cardiff wales j bowles

cardiff castle wales exterior

animal wall cardiff wales castle

cardiff train station vintage signs platforms frontage

In hindsight, I should have split up this post, because I took so many pictures and wanted to stick them all on here.  No prizes for guessing which part of the trip I was most snap happy about - I do love a trip to the seaside, after all!

Let's start at the beginning, though.  Tam and I headed down to Cardiff on Thursday for a couple of days.  It's been forever since we took a cheap flight anywhere and we thought we could visit his cousin in Barry while we were there.  We explored a bit of the city centre on arrival, then I saw a Pieminister and had a mini heart attack - we need one in Scotland so I can get over my obsession.  I must admit, Tam and I seem to have perfected our pie-making to such a standard that it might be better than Pieminister...  I know, that's crazy talk.  Still, I should probably make another one just to be sure.

That afternoon we paid a visit to the National Museum which, while interesting, confused us since it wasn't on the same scale as the Scottish one.  Definitely worth a visit though, especially since there's a cool map exhibition on right now.  Friday morning we had another wander around the city before catching the train down to Barry Island.  The castle looked amazing but we slightly ran out of time to explore it.  That crazy bear statue sitting on the wall did a good job of guarding the neighbouring park!

barry island seaside seafront promenade palm trees wales

vintage beach seaside viewfinder viewpoint barry island wales

barry island wales promenade seaside hut

beach huts barry island colourful seaside wales

barry island sign wales climbing wall promenade beach

barry island sign wales climbing wall

Ah, Barry Island was pretty.  Super cold, but very colourful.  See that sign up there?  It's a freaking climbing wall.  I was so mad when I realised my choice of footwear was going to hinder my chance at fun.  Stupid cute boots with pointed toes.  My scarf even matched the decor nicely.

Tam's cousin (sister to his Nairn cousin - we're well-travelled thanks to them all!) came to meet us with her two little girls.  Their nanny is from Barry so she told us all about its history and the plans for the new funfair while we walked on the beach, then it was hot drinks all around at Calwaladers.  I'd been told to try their ice cream but it was too cold even for me that day, so it was substituted for green tea and coffee and walnut cake.

colourful doors barry island promenade wales

vintage bandstand barry island wales

After hanging at Tam's cousin's place for a while, we went back to the city to visit a cinema that charged a mere £4 a ticket.  I finally got to see The Revenant, which was... fine.  Domhnall was wonderful as ever but man, that's a bleak movie.

Saturday morning we were checking out of the hotel and flying back home with a bunch of rugby fans for company.  I always forget how accessible the rest of the UK is by plane, maybe I should take advantage of it more often.

Who's been to Wales?  It definitely beat my first trip there...


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