Tuesday, 2 February 2016

At the weekend

knitting class workshop karie westermann colourwork two stranded falkirk scotland

...I got to make use of my Christmas present from Tam - a ticket to Karie Westermann's two-handed colourwork class!  I love practical gifts like this and it's been a while since I learned a new skill.  Clearly, Tam knew he was onto a winner since his mum and mine also received the same gift, so off we all went on Saturday to flex our creative muscles.  I'd met Karie once before (at the Laura Ashley Crafternoon) and we'd been chatting a bit online, which made me even more excited for the workshop and the chance to talk in person once again.

knitting class karie westermann falkirk two stranded collage yarn

We learned all about the different varieties of Nordic knitting and decided what we'd most like to get out of the class.  I've had a mad desire to learn continental style for ages and luckily that was one of the main objectives!  We also got to try a rather fancy cast-on method before our delicious lunch appeared, then afterwards it was on to the two-handed colourwork.  Guys, it was so easy!  I went in there feeling like there was a good chance I'd forget everything a few hours later, but I left feeling confident, like everything was in fact lodged firmly into my brain.  Well, give it a week then ask me again if I remember how to do that crazy cast-on. 

Karie was an awesome teacher and so full of interesting stories that I want to go back and do it all over again.  I'm jealous of anyone who got into her classes at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival - I'll have to move faster next year!

gig ticket stereo glasgow

After meeting Tam for some delicious dinner, Mother and I hopped on the train back to Glasgow, where she went off to catch her next train home and I carried on round to Stereo to meet up with some work people and see our friend's band playing.  I forgot how bloody amazing it feels to hear live music.  We even made it to the front of the crowd, a first for me (I always feel like I'm too tall to push my way forward but we had a good side spot and honestly, I was a bit done with being polite last month.)  Since I have superb taste in friends who have superb taste in music, it was another great experience and the perfect end to the day.

washing sign wooden board vintage old people's palace glasgow

people's palace glasgow tiles stairway mirror selfie

Sunday dawned bright and blustery and kind of dry, so I met Tam in town and we walked along to the People's Palace to see the Billy Connolly art exhibit and have some food in the exotic surroundings of the Winter Gardens.  I loved Billy's sketching style and the way he created so many different looks from just a few wavy lines.  The rest of the museum was predictably chaotic but we managed a quick wander before cake time.

once upon a tart glasgow cake green tea mint chocolate brownie vintage floral teapot

Once Upon a Tart, of course!  I must admit, my mint chocolate brownie wasn't the best thing I've ever had there, but it was still better than many, many other cakes in the world.  My mug was pretty cool though, since it came with a hipster panda on it.

I really, really liked this weekend.  What did you guys get up to?


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