Thursday, 18 February 2016

Cold weather days

cold weather outfit scotland winter cashmere cardigan vintage topshop M&S charity shop long tall sally jeans snow boots pajar

Saturday and I seemed to be getting along fine at the time.  I woke up early, caught up on my TV shows, finished my scarf and took a bunch of pictures, including the outfit pictures that I only seem to get about one chance a fortnight to capture.  There are various, highly dull reasons for this but I thought I was good to go this week.  I was not.  I was making a stupid face or twisting my body in some weird direction in just about all of the pictures I took.  You'd think that after five years of doing this, I'd be a bit better at getting good shots, but I guess not.  Still, the best part of this rather practical outfit is the top, and that photo worked just fine.

I like this top.  It makes me think of summer and the seaside and the 1950s and the imaginary puffy skirt I want to wear with it.  Perhaps best of all, it was £2 from a charity shop before Christmas.  That's the problem with finding out of season items in charity shops - I just want to wear them now!  A cashmere cardigan and my current favourite jeans made it work though.

pajar snow boots lace up TK Maxx winter

The rest of Saturday was actually pretty nice too, so I guess the rubbish photos were just a tiny blip.  I went along to The Yarn Cake for the first time to get a gift for Tam's mum's birthday (the guy at the counter suggested a Glasgow School of Yarn cowl kit that I ended up choosing) and then I found some lovely Scottish cards at Penny Black - I don't want to link to the awesomely appropriate card I got Tam for his birthday but I'm fairly confident he'll love it.  In June.  Hey, I'm organised.

My main reason for going out in the sleet (aside from present buying) was to get chocolate tarts from Cottonrake Bakery and find something yummy for lunch.  I ended up at Crollas and somehow didn't have ice cream, although I did have delicious flatbread that fuelled me up for the walk home.  And then, of course, I ate the cake.  Saturday was tasty.  How was your weekend?

cardigan - M&S via charity shop
knit top - Topshop via charity shop
boots - Pajar via TK Maxx


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