Wednesday, 17 February 2016

FO - Chorley Wrap Scarf

chorley wrap rowan knitted cable scarf red pompoms chunky

My newest, giantest, cosiest knit is finished and not a moment too soon, judging by the weather.  Are we at Storm Z yet?  Surely we must be running out of letters when a new storm appears every few days.  Saturday morning saw me putting the finishing touches on my scarf version of Rowan's Chorley Wrap.  As I caught up with the last two episodes of Shetland, I knit the last section and made a couple of pompoms for the ends.  Because of course I needed pompoms.

chorley wrap rowan knitted cable scarf red pompoms chunky

Pattern - Chorley Wrap by Rowan (get it free here)

Yarn - Robin Chunky in Claret (409g including pompoms)

Size - 140 inches long

Additions - Two pompoms using the large blue Clover pompom maker

Notes - So... I got carried away with this guy.  I wanted a scarf that I could wrap around my neck a couple of times but not necessarily one that dragged on the ground if I didn't wrap it.  Oh well, I'll manage!  I ended up really liking this pattern once I got used to the cabling.  A lot of my first burst of knitting on the scarf was when I watched Outlander last month, so in my head it's my Outlander scarf.  Does anyone else have knitting memories tied to TV shows that were on at the time?  I don't always remember them but my plans to start a knitting notebook mean I should really take notes on all these funny little quirks that go along with the creative process.

Obviously, I deviated from the original pattern, but only in a minor way - I used slightly finer yarn than recommended (chunky instead of super chunky) and didn't hold it double, and I also did more repeats than the wrap required, therefore ending up with more of a narrow scarf shape.  I just love how the cables look, especially the ones on the edges - I'd never really seen that before so it made the design even more special.  I also loved the selfish knitting!  Not that knitting for oneself is selfish in the slightest, but that seems to be the phrase to use in the crafting community.  It made me want to knit myself a whole range of accessories...

Check out my progress here and here.

chorley wrap rowan knitted cable scarf red pompoms chunky

As for my reading progress this week, I'm still on the same two books.  I'm just not feeling it with the Kate Atkinson one.  I'm getting into it very gradually but it's still a bit of a slog.  The timeline keeps jumping about and confusing me, although the story is good when I can figure out what's going on!

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