Wednesday, 24 February 2016

FO - Pompom beret

knitted beret with a bow helen woodward pattern hat ravelry new lanark yarn wool DK sky pompoms

At work, I'm part of a team of four archivists.  We were all hired at the same time and we share a big office and we mostly get along just fine.  With our two-year contracts ending soon, some people are starting to move on to other places.  Officially, I would have been the first to leave since I started the earliest, but N found a fab new job last month and she left us on Friday.  She was part of the Crafty Crew at work (we don't call ourselves that, but I'm just realising that we totally should) and I knew she'd appreciate a handmade leaving gift, so I whipped up this cute beret.

knitted beret with a bow helen woodward pattern hat ravelry new lanark yarn wool DK sky

Pattern - A beret with a bow by Helen Woodward

Yarn - New Lanark DK in Sky (62g including pompoms)

Additions - Two pompoms made using the extra small pink Clover pompom maker*

Notes - Obviously, I substituted the bow for the pompoms.  N's style is quite feminine but I thought the bow might be verging a bit too much on the twee side for her taste.  This was the first time I'd used the New Lanark wool, despite having a few different balls in my stash for a while, and it was lovely to use.  The colour is very pretty too.  I longed to put a pompom on crown but I thought two was quite enough!

I was a bit worried that the loose style of the hat might make the fit a problem, but the band fit perfectly (on me anyway) and I think it would be fairly safe in the wind - always a major concern when making hats in Scotland!  This is not a style I'd think to make for myself but I really want my own version now...

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