Monday, 22 February 2016

Photo an Hour - February

window stone heart shape winter

watching shetland catch up iplayer bbc laptop

08:38 - Did my usual weekend routine of faffing on my phone for a while after I woke up, then pulled up the blind to see if the weather would let me go for a run.  It would not.

09:48 - I remember faffing a bit more before settling down to watch Shetland from the night before.  Shit got real this week.  Poor Tosh.

soaking frogged yarn bath

frogged yarn blue wrinkled

10:39 - Faffing over (for now) and I started ticking a bunch of stuff off my 'Must get these fiddly yet useful tasks over with' list.  First up was de-wrinkling a bunch of yarn that I'd frogged the night before (from this vest).  I followed some online advice and let it soak in warm water for about half an hour.

11:29 - I squeezed out the yarn, hung it over the shower and... it was still crinkly.  Huh.  After letting it drip dry for hours, I wound it into balls about 10pm and stuck them on the radiator.  It looks more use-able now, but I guess I won't find that out until I find a use for it!  I also hand washed a knitted cardigan and sewed in a few ends from the blanket I finished the night before (Friday was also productive) before getting distracted with another task.

sewing table project bags drawstring tote vintage tea towel green tea seaside mug M&S brother machine

sewing machine project bag houses fabric offcut

drawstring tote projects bags recycled fabric houses boats tea towel charity shop

12:49 - Sewing time!  It takes ages for me to drag all my gear through to the living room but I passed a few enjoyable hours with my machine and Netflix (The Notebook and Sense and Sensibility, the latter of which is one of my all-time favourite movies.  Also, I'm having a moment with romantic movies lately.  I like a good comfort watch.)

13:28 - In the process of making another project bag - this one used fabric I bought from Char's Instagram sale and the drawstring casing was made with fabric I got at the last craft bloggers meet, although I'm not sure who was the original owner...

15:19 - Enough sewing for one day.  I made three bags - one from a vintage tea towel for my friend at work, one from a charity-shopped floral pillowcase for the gift drawer and one from Char's fabric for me!  I do love that boat one but I think my friend will appreciate it.  I couldn't be bothered making more bias binding for the drawstrings after the first one, so I'm planning to either buy ribbon when I'm in town this week or make it another time.

movie sense and sensibility emma thompson laptop netflix bedroom

16:23 - Sewing stuff tidied up and living room hoovered, I moved back to my room to finish the movie and make myself presentable for going out.

pastel colour 4ply yarn wool knitting

18:05 - Nope, not out.  I was planning to go to a free event for the Film Festival but when I checked online before getting the train, it was sold out.  Although the tickets were only available in person, on the day, evidently they could be booked when box office opened earlier, so there was nothing left by the time I planned to go into town.  So I guess I should have dragged myself there twice in one day, thus buying two return train tickets and making a free event very not free?  Great system, GFF.  (I'm still raging, in case you can't tell ;))

So, having not went to Tam's for a now non-existent reason, I decided to continue my productivity and cast on my next knitting project, a baby cardigan.

knitted baby blanket rainbow yarn

knitting project 4ply yarn lilac pyjamas

19:29 - Sewing in the ends of the latest blanket.  I love how this one turned out, pure rainbow goodness!

20:16 - Back to the knitting, using 4ply and smaller needles than usual.  I'm not one of those people who hates knitting on a small scale but the fine yarn takes a bit of getting used to.  This one looks lilac in some lights, grey in others, but it has a colourful yoke design so that should save it from looking too bland.

the year of living danishly book library paperback bed

23:36 - The missed hours included more knitting then winding the aforementioned blue yarn, so bed was a bit later than usual.  I'm liking this book so far, although I find it hard to believe that an entire population shares what seem like very generalised views.  There's lots of fun facts and silly anecdotes though.

Productive things I also did but didn't photograph
- gave my bookshelf a mini clearout 
- found a couple of things to stick on eBay
- used up three nearly finished spools of thread
- did a washing
- didn't take my pj's and dressing gown off all day

Productive things I did the next day
- bought a replacement bulb for my sewing machine
- stumbled upon a cute outfit combination
- took my knitting on the train
- hugged Tam
- figured out where to take my broken space heater for recycling (by calling my mum.  Google was surprisingly unhelpful.)
- wrote this, and Wednesday's, blog posts

Thanks to Jane and Louisa for hosting!  Check out their blogs for the date of the next Photo an Hour day if you want to join in.


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