Sunday, 28 February 2016

Things I want to do in March (and how my February plans went)

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Ah, February.  You passed by way too quickly.  I did finally see The Revenant though.  It was ok.

Top of my list was to find a job.  Despite a couple of interviews and a few more leads, this didn't happen.  The second interview sounded especially like a job I would have enjoyed and could potentially have led to even better things, but I was beaten by someone with more skills and experience. (Allegedly.  I never know if people are telling the truth when I get feedback or if they just didn't like me, but they were very nice about it so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.)  I'm still trying, but it's not easy to find anything that wouldn't be a huge step backwards, career wise.  I've applied for a volunteer position and a short term contract with organisations that I really like, so maybe that will go somewhere.  Fingers crossed!

The super de-clutter is in progress, although I feel I could be a bit more ruthless.  There's still a lot of stuff hanging around.  I have a car boot pile, an eBay pile, a redistribute pile (knitting books for colleagues, returning needles borrowed from Mother etc) and a couple of things for the dog home.  Still, it seems like I own too much.

The sewing pile went down.  Albeit in a very small way, but it's still moving in the right direction. (My friend was thrilled with her project bag, yay!)  Sewing always takes longer than I expect it to - in my head it's one of those instant gratification crafts but in reality, there's so much fiddling around with threads and measuring and ironing and cutting...

I didn't even look at my pilates book.  Oops.  Next month, I swear!

I think I've had marginally more sleep this month than in January.  I've made a real effort to go to bed early(ish) during the week and although my body has developed an annoying habit of waking up at some point during the night, I can usually fall asleep again easily.  Oddly enough, in the past week I've been feeling really tired during mid-morning and after lunch, but maybe it's just my stuffy office and the general feeling of lethargy I have at the moment.

Goals for March had better be something mild.  Except for getting a job.  I guess that has to stay my main focus.

Run more - I've been loving the nice evenings (when we get them) and was taking full advantage of being able to run outside in February.  I'm still not completely devoted to regular fitness, and have a whole host of great excuses when I can't be bothered, but I love running when I actually get out there and do it, and I don't even mind having to dodge around all the pedestrians on Great Western Road.

De-clutter more - A must-do, and a task that will have to be accompanied by another car boot sale soon, I reckon.

Sew more - Gotta get that fabric pile down!  I might sort through the alterations and check if there's anything I've changed my mind about, which would take care of a few things.

Read more - In the de-cluttering vein, I have a few books that have been waiting for attention for a long time and, since I rarely keep anything for repeat reads, these could also be recycled after I'm done.  My last library order has just arrived (the first Daughter of Smoke and Bone book, as recommended by Janet) so that can be added to the list too.  One of the main things that I'll miss about Glasgow will definitely be the library service!

Hang with Sarah and Matilda - Train tickets to Aberdeen were ridiculously cheap last week (£16 return) so I booked myself in to see two of my favourites next month.  I suspect they were cheap because the station I usually use is closing over the summer and the journey now takes an hour longer each way, but it'll be worth it.  Public transport is a prime knitting location, after all.

Attend Edinburgh Yarn Festival - It's nearly that time again!  A gang of us are going on the Saturday and I'm so excited to see so many great knitting people in one place, especially Kate Davies and the Shetland Wool Week team.  I'll be looking out for Nadia too!  After last year's experience, I'd like to try and visit later in the day to avoid the most manic of the crowds, but I'm sure it'll be fun anyway.

Who has exciting plans for March?  Is anyone going to the Yarn Festival?


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