Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Yarn Along

baby blanket knitting yarn rainbow love notes for freddie eva rice library book

My scarf is still making progress.  It's actually grown quite a bit this week but, you know, it's a fairly repetitive design so you'd be seeing exactly the same thing if I took more pictures.

I've started my next baby blanket.  I could hardly go more than a month without one on the needles, could I?  I've knitted for this guy before and now another baby gift is required.  He was nice enough to share what they're having this time, although my idea of knitting for a boy just involves my usual rainbow explosion style.  The blanket is another one of these stripey numbers - I wanted a simple design to show off the colours and I remembered liking this one last time, so out it came again.  That old post also reminded me that it's been a while since I made my favourite chevron blanket...  Who needs one?

I've read two other books by Eva Rice and loved them both (The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets might be one of my all time favourites) which meant Love Notes for Freddie was an obvious choice.  Set in the 1960s, the chapter narrators alternate between Marnie, a teenager recently expelled from boarding school, and Miss Crewe, her former teacher.  I can't quite work out where the story is going but I like the writing style and, of course, the historical aspect.

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