Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The Buyer's Archive - February

Two years ago, I started tracking my spending on everything that went into my wardrobe to see exactly how much of my outgoings went on non-essential items.  It's been an interesting experiment and one I plan to continue indefinitely.  Check out my journey here.

Similar to last month, I've not really been buying much lately.  Sorting through all my possessions has made me reluctant to add anything to the stack and knowing I won't have a job soon has made me hoard all my pennies.  Well, I'm still making a reasonable contribution to the restaurant industry in Scotland. but food doesn't count, right?

vintage dress floral buyers archive charity shop

Vintage dress via charity shop - £3
Last February I bought one thing and this February I bought one thing.  Maybe I was in the same mindset last year!  I wasn't keen on the style of this dress but I liked the fabric and thought I could alter it to fit my taste better but alas, it wasn't to be.  I did have a good go at making it work (the shortened sleeves were a definite improvement) but I just couldn't get the skirt to sit right.  It went into the donate bag shortly afterwards.

A grand total of £3 was spent in February 2015 and somehow, I've beaten that this year.

vintage navy nautical t-shirt sailor style gold 90s charity shop

Vintage nautical t-shirt via charity shop - £1
I didn't need another t-shirt.  I didn't need another anything wardrobe related, in fact, but I saw this and immediately started picturing it in my summer wardrobe (I do that a lot apparently.)  Plus, it's navy, so it automatically goes with half my clothes.  This was also the best of the photographs I tried to take of it.  As well as Stupid Face Syndrome, I also had a problem with creasing and tucked up sleeves.  Sigh...  I think I'll use unemployment as a chance to take millions of pictures.  Or learn Photoshop properly.

Spending just £1 in February might be my best total yet (besides zero, of course) and I didn't even go nuts on craft supplies, where the other portion of my non-essentials budget is usually spent.  Winner!

How did everyone else get on?  I'm going to start using a hashtag on social media (#buyersarchive) so I can find everyone who's joining in, so either use that or tag me in your post and I'll give you a retweet/shout out!  It was great to see so many people joining in with the series in January.  Keep up the good work everyone!


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