Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Yarn Along

dublin bay socks knitting pattern pink sock yarn 4 ply dpn needles

Knitting people, I need your help/opinions.  I suspect my Dublin Bay socks are too big.  I suspect if I keep going, they'll keep being too big and I'll end up having wasted loads of time (cause socks are made slowly over here).  My instinct tends to be right about this kind of thing, although I have been known to ignore it, and I don't feel like wasting loads of time.  As you can see from the picture, I'm using one of my shop-bought socks as a guide and it's a good bit narrower. So, should I go down a needle size to 2mm?  Lose some stitches from the circumference?  Reassure myself that they're supposed to be that size?

I checked the comments section on Ravelry and a few other people seem to have had the same problem, which makes me think it might just be better to start over.  Luckily, I have other projects to keep me busy for now...

silver baby cardigan rowan knitting pattern aran yarn wool

I'm still working on the Silver cardigan.  It's grown a bit since I took the picture yesterday - I now have the body done and have started the first sleeve.  At the moment, it's just going in the gift drawer, but I have an old friend who's due her baby soon, so maybe I'll give it to her.  I love this pattern for mixing up colours and using up odd bits of yarn, and the Aran weight makes it a quick knit.

I finished a couple of other baby gifts that are waiting to be washed and blocked, a task I'm planning to get on with tonight, so they could be the feature of next week's Yarn Along!

beekeeper quilt knitting hexies DK yarn colourful

When I was tidying up the other night, I came across my bag of knitted hexies from the Beekeeper's Quilt pattern.  I was getting on quite well with this and then suddenly lost all motivation for it, resulting in the pile being stuffed behind my desk and forgotten about.  I've decided to sew all my hexies together to see what size the quilt is at, then I'll decide what to do with it.  I was making them with DK yarn so I know they're a bit bigger than the pattern ones, but I've only done around 100 so I don't think it'll be blanket-sized quite yet...

the year of living danishly denmark book paperback library helen russell floral cushion vintage

On the book front, I finished The Year of Living Danishly on Monday.  It was good.  Entertaining.  Informative.  However, I can't help feeling like it was far too generalised to get an entirely accurate view of the Danish culture.  Does everyone really all furnish their homes in the same style?  Celebrate holidays the same way?  Feel that happy all the time?  I'm sceptical, but it was an interesting read all the same.  Now I'm planning to finish the last Call the Midwife book before moving onto my latest library order, and then tackling my own stack of books.  March will definitely be a month of reading!

Linking up to Ginny's Yarn Along.

What's everyone making and reading this week?


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