Monday, 11 April 2016

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March got kinda busy.  Being unemployed has not been the peaceful 'holiday' I thought it would be, although things are calming down a bit now.  Here's what I've been up to in the past month...

- I moved!  Perhaps the biggest event of the month, although somehow the one I forget to mention whenever anyone asks what I've been up to, is that I'm now living at home again.  Our landlady ended our lease at the end of March and since it didn't make sense to get another place in Glasgow when I didn't know where I'd be working, I went back to hang with Mother on the west coast of Scotland.  The remoteness of where I am now is starting to set in a bit (three hours from Tam on public transport!) but I'm very grateful to her for taking me in and letting me loose on her fridge and library card.  There's always chocolate and books in this house.  Oh, and NCIS on the TV.

- I'm still job hunting, although there seems to be even fewer options out there now than when I first started looking a few months ago.  I applied for a couple of things that were perfect for me and was rejected from one and didn't hear back from the other.  Yay.  My friend gave me some tips on formatting my CV so it's looking better than ever, let's hope it works.

- I've seen so many of my favourite people in the past few weeks that I don't even know where to start talking about that, so let's just say I'm appreciating my friends more than ever right now.  The best thing about having more time on my hands is being able to say yes more when people ask me to hang out with them!  It beats trying to cram everything in around a full time job and ending up exhausted.

K and I specifically requested no fuss when we left work (a request that was predictably ignored) but we did agree to a leaving night.  Almost twenty archivists packed into a local tapas place, where we sat for hours, eating and drinking and talking the night away.  It was ace.

- I went to Edinburgh Yarn Festival and took exactly no photos, but I got to meet Nadia for the first time and ran into Nessa again, and bought myself a Kate Davies book that I'd been eyeing up for ages.  I might finally get around to making myself a cardigan soon.

- Many day trips happened in March - Tam and I visited Falkland, the Gorbals and Culross (again), and I went up to Aberdeen to see Sarah and Matilda before I moved.  That was a fun trip, involving lots of delicious food, a trip to the park and lots of chatting about random nonsense.  Plus it's crazy seeing how much a little person can grow in just a few months!  I'm now firmly into the 'toddler' section of Ravelry when trying to find knitted goodies to make.

- Speaking of knitting, Baa Baa Brighouse sent me a skein of their gorgeous new Baa Baa Brew yarn to try out.  I just finished my project last night and I'm really pleased with how it turned out - more details coming next week!  There's a few finished objects sitting around at the moment, waiting to have the final touches added and photographs taken, so I guess we know how I've been spending all that free time.  Oh, and eating cake of course.

There's so much more I could talk about in more detail but I think I'll leave this post here and shut up now.  Although I'll add that I still take ages to write a blog post (hours if I devote myself to one task and days if I do other things inbetween paragraphs) but hopefully my speed will get a chance to increase now.  Cross your fingers!

What's everyone been up to lately?  Enjoying spring or wondering why it's still freezing outside?


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