Wednesday, 6 April 2016

FO - Knitted colourwork beret

knitted thrift hat shetland wool week beret colourwork

I know I've already shared a look at this hat on Instagram but I thought I'd add a few more details here.  Then I realised that, after moving house last week, I've lost whatever notes I took about my knitting process.  So, prepare for some improvising!

This guy was another hat-shaped leaving pressie for a colleague.  Not just any colleague though.  K and I had our own little team of two.  It's the first time I'd ever shared space with the same person every day in a job (every previous role I've had involved shift work with a bunch of other shift workers) so it's a testament to her awesomeness that we never got fed up with each other.  K learned to knit last year and I've been her official helper ever since - most work days started with tea and updating each other on what we were crafting the night before.  It was during one of our morning chats that K found and fell in love with the pattern for the Thrift Hat in my Shetland Wool Week annual, but since she wasn't feeling confident enough to attempt colourwork yet, I decided to sneakily knit it for her.

knitted thrift hat shetland wool week beret colourwork finished

Pattern - Thrift Hat by Outi Kater

Yarn - Red Heart Margareta 4ply in Blue, Light Blue, Fire and Sand

Notes - I had a pretty short time in which to make this hat so, of course, it went wrong at various points - all user faults, I might add, and nothing to do with the pattern, which was very clearly written, down to exactly how much yarn was required in each shade.

I redid the first section of colourwork twice since I didn't like how the colours were sitting together - once I decided to make the dark blue the dominant colour it looked much better.  It was also the perfect time to try out my newly learned two-handed technique (thanks, Karie!)  Things were a bit slow going at first but I hit my stride after a few rows, although (as is inevitable when I'm knitting colourwork) just when I thought I was steaming along nicely I'd end up having to backtrack thanks to a mis-counted stitch repeat.

I would like to have used the yarn suggested in the pattern but since time wasn't on my side I made do with some odd balls from my stash.  I got a bunch of the Red Heart Margareta on sale a couple of years ago - having bought a 50g ball of each shade, I have about ten colours that I can mix and match for projects (the yoke on this cardigan was made with the same yarn).  The red was very nearly an orange/pink shade instead but in the end, I decided to stay true to the original design.

inside knitted thrift hat shetland wool week beret colourwork wrong side

I presented K with her finished hat on the way to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival and she loved it.  She even got it a little bit ahead of her actual leaving date since I thought the festival was the perfect excuse to wear as many hand knits as possible!  It did mean I was sewing in the ends on the train before she got on, but hey, it was still finished on time.

Has anyone else made it?  Or faced similar colourwork struggles?

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