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The Buyer's Archive - March

striped stripe tshirts charity shop

Two years ago, I started tracking my spending on everything that went into my wardrobe to see exactly how much of my outgoings went on non-essential items.  It's been an interesting experiment and one I plan to continue indefinitely.  Check out my journey here.

Hello again!  It's been a few weeks...  Writing has not been at the front of my mind lately, since I've been kept busy elsewhere, so I might have to get around to writing an update type post soon.  Let's just get to the most important stuff first, shall we?  Buyer's Archive!

charity shop bargains march purchases dresses tshirt cardigan cashmere blue red florals

Last March was full of purchases and this March was no different.  I'm sure I've said this before, but I think my shopping habits ebb and flow with the seasons.  New time of year = new clothes in my life.

In March 2015, I spent £48.90 on wardrobe related items.  Spendy, but not bank breaking.  Was it worth it though?  Well, the cashmere cardigan has easily been my most worn item and it wasn't even included in last year's total!  I must have bought it after I wrote the post...  It gets worn once or twice a week and I suspect this will continue for a while.

Closely following the cardi in terms of wear has been my H&M t-shirts - the grey ones come out most often, the others less, but all get regular use.  Of my charity shop buys, the cream t-shirt is worn a lot and the Sonic one would be if I remembered I had it - every time I rake around the storage box, I rediscover it and immediately have to put it on, although the fact that this happens regularly might mean I have too many tops in there.

The striped shirt went in the charity bag before I moved.  The shape wasn't quite right so I found myself ignoring it.  I'm still on the hunt for a perfect shirt!  (Okay, this one is still awesome)

I liked the cream floral dress when I was wearing it but wasn't so sure when I saw the pictures I took that day.  It wasn't really warm enough to wear it more but I've kept it to try again this summer.  I love how the black and navy dresses fit but I never seem to reach for them - the navy one is especially ace but it creases as soon as I sit down.  It's very similar to another Matalan dress I had a few years ago and I eventually got fed up ironing it every time it went in and out of the wardrobe.

I got another couple of dresses last year that are still on the mending pile.  Oops.  I can almost guarantee that they'll be done soon since I'm planning a couple of sewing days this week, although it's not unusual for me to change my mind at the sewing stage.

Oh, and the cable knit vest got frogged.  I have no idea what I'm doing with the yarn but it's in a more useful position now anyway.

black velvet vintage charity shop florals M&S skirt top party

This March was a pleasing mixture of impulse buys and items from my list.  With a few bargains thrown in, of course.

M&S black velvet top via charity shop - £4
I spent ages looking for a top like this before Christmas and had no luck.  A classic case of finding what you're looking for when you stop looking for it!  It's a little big but it'll be perfect with my purple skirt for future parties.

Vintage floral skirt via charity shop - £4.99
Skirts haven't featured much in my life lately but I couldn't resist this when I was out shopping with my friend.  Again, it's a little big, but it worked fine when I wore it to the Yarn Festival a couple of weeks ago.  I'm just waiting for some warmer weather to style it sans tights.

striped t-shirts charity shop primark F&S tesco red blue white sleeves buttons

Primark red stripe top via charity shop - £1
I can't resist a striped t-shirt these days.  I need exactly no more striped t-shirts, yet I bought two last month.  This one's a good layering piece, in great condition and the price was perfect.

F&F stripe top via charity shop - £3.75
See above.  Not needed, couldn't resist.  I love the shape and colours of this guy though.

M&S thermal top - £9
M&S underwear - £7
I happened to go into M&S to pick up some new underwear on the same day their last giant sale started.  It was mayhem but I managed to get a thermal top to replace an old one that's been consigned to the camping clothes bag.  I think it's getting too mild to wear it now, which I'm totally fine with.

Regatta black waterproof jacket via charity shop - 99p
This was an awesome bargain and, contrary to what I just wrote, a rare example of finding something I was actually looking for.  There's a shop I don't look in very often where the clothing is 99p an item - it's mostly basic or tired-looking items that I guess aren't high enough quality to go into the regular stores, so I never expected to find a nice waterproof jacket in there.  It's light, dark-coloured and has nothing visibly wrong with it, just what I needed.

Long Tall Sally Hoxton skinny jeans via eBay - £31
I've talked a few times about my love for these jeans - I have them in indigo and black and I love them so much I've just re-dyed the black pair.  I regretted not buying more when they were in-store since they've never been stocked again, so finding a brand new pair of the indigo ones for less than they cost new was far too exciting.  They were won with a classic last minute bid - I don't know why everyone doesn't do eBay that way instead of driving the price up all week, but I'm still happy with them.

Vintage 1950s purple dress - £55
A spendy one, but after much searching, I found a dress for my brother's wedding in July.  It fits completely perfectly and I love it.  I may just hold out on a picture right now...  It's classic fifties style - fitted top, full skirt - which is exactly what I wanted, and now I need to go hat hunting to find something cute to match.

My spend for this March was £116.73.  Ouch.  At least I can console myself that a few of those purchases were not regular expenses!

How did everyone else get on in March?  Hazel, Donna, Lucy and Charlotte have joined in again!


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