Thursday, 26 May 2016

Photo an Hour - May

knitted sheep pillow in progress breakfast

knitting bobbles sheep pillow purl soho photo an hour may 2016

09:02 - Eating breakfast and contemplating my latest knitting project.  So many bobbles, such sore wrists.

10:13 - I was going to watch Netflix and knit more, then changed my mind and decided to get an earlier train to town so I could get some shopping done before meeting Tam.

what im wearing polka dot vintage dress on the train scotland photo an hour may 2016

scotrail train interior blue photo an hour may 2016

11ish - Obligatory What I'm Wearing on PAH Day shot!  H&M cardigan, vintage M&S polka dot dress and disco Converse.  And tights.  Boo.  The only full-length mirror in Mother's house is in the darkest spot so some fancy camera work was required here...  Then it was a dash for the first train.

12:25 - Tam fancied checking out the charity shops in the next town over so I hopped on another train an hour later.  The interval shopping trip was fairly successful - I managed to convey to the No 7 woman in Boots how utterly useless I was and she did my makeup for me.  We're off to a wedding this weekend and I thought I'd make a bit of an effort!  I don't like looking like I'm wearing a ton of makeup but my skin has been misbehaving for a few months so needs must...

Also on my shopping list was some quick-dry nail polish and a new SIM card.  The phone shop was unexpectedly closed and I bought the wrong type of polish.  Yup, one of those days.

tartan check plaid pub decor scotland photo an hour may 2016

building painting graphics design scaffolding photo an hour may 2016 scotland

13:16 - Met Tam, visited some charity shops and had lunch at this very patriotic pub.

14:42 - After agreeing that the pickings had been pretty rubbish, we went back to the main town and had a quick visit to my favourite shops.  There was some rather fun painting going on when we turned the corner.

train home scotland photo an hour may 2016

sitting log beach scotland seaside photo an hour may 2016

15:30 - There was a bit of a dash for the train home.  I know you're all completely riveted by these pictures of public transport in Scotland, right?

16:20 - Home, and we went a bit of a drive around since my car hasn't been used much lately - my bro has already jump started it once since I moved down, oops.  As always, we ended up at the beach.  Apparently there was something exciting on that log, going by the outtakes.  I've already forgotten what it was.

novelty litter bins seaside play park scotland rocket ice cream penguin photo an hour may 2016

yarn haul stash ebay job lot purchase photo an hour may 2016

17:09 - After a bit of walking and messing around at the playpark, we went off to buy dinner supplies.  Not before I'd photographed this awesome collection of litter bins though.

18:05 - A giant parcel of wool greeted me when we got home!  I won a couple of job lots on eBay last week, nothing too exciting but I think I can find a use for most of it.

new CDs DVDs charity shop photo an hour may 2016

on the couch knitted photo an hour may 2016

the knitter magazine photo an hour may 2016

19:25 - Just to make today even more about materialistic things, here's the mini enetertainment haul we found in a charity shop that was selling ten CDs or DVDs for £4.90.  When Tam and I picked up one each and that came to £4, we figured it was worth raking around for a few more.  The selection was extremely limited but we made it work.  The CDs and bottom two DVDs are mine - we needed some car music for our camping trip next week!  Clubland Hardcore is strictly for the running playlist though.

21:57 - I slightly forgot about the photos for a while there...  We spent the evening watching a Fleetwood Mac concert on TV and reading the Empire Top 500 Movies list.  There was a bit of debate about how certain films had made their way onto the list and when we realised it would take forever to watch them all, we moved onto the IMDb list.

22:41 - Bedtime was approaching.  Mother has a new magazine subscription so I had a flick through when I got bored of knitting.

And that was Saturday!  Last May was our first trip to Helensburgh, which I think might have been slightly more exciting...  For anyone who wants to join in, check out the #photoanhour hashtag on social media to find out the date of the next one.

(I'm also talking all things jeans on the George at Asda blog this week, check it out here!)


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