Wednesday, 15 June 2016

FO - Sheep cushion

sheep cushion knitted bobble stitch finished knits purl soho pillow

This guy was on my 'to knit' list for a loooong time.  I'm a bit of a sheep fan - when I was a kid I collected anything sheep-shaped, from soft toys to ornaments to notebooks - and I'm also partial to a good pillow, so it seemed like an obvious choice for some selfish knitting (I use that terminology merely to illustrate that the knit in question was for me, not because I think knitting for oneself is selfish in any way.  It might even be the best form of crafting, in fact.)  It was a slightly bigger undertaking than I initially expected due to all the bobble stitch, which caused a bit of a strain on the wrists at points, but it was totally worth it.

sheep cushion knitted bobble stitch finished knits purl soho pillow

sheep cushion knitted bobble stitch finished knits purl soho pillow kitchener stitch

Pattern - Bobble Sheep Pillow by Purl Soho

Yarn - cream-coloured Aran found in a charity shop (just shy of 400g, held double) and charcoal-coloured Aran leftover from Tam's Christmas sweater (around 30g)

Needles - 10mm (body) and 6.5mm (head and ears)

Additional materials - 1.5 old cushions for the stuffing

Notes - Both of these yarns are the gifts that keep giving since I seem to have knit various projects with each and still have piles left!  There's nothing I love better than using up bits of my stash though, and this cushion was perfect for that.

Anyone who's familiar with the original pattern (or indeed, the basic structure of a sheep) might notice that I made a few changes.  Try as I might, the tail was not turning out to my liking, so I decided that sheep don't need tails after all.  The same goes for the legs - I didn't even realise the design included legs until I was part way through the body, so they were also deemed unnecessary.  There's a chance my cushion is a representation of a sheep rather than anything based on reality...

Another difference in my version was to hold the yarn double and use my biggest needles to get a super chunky sheep.  The original calls for chunky yarn and mine used two strands of Aran, so there wasn't a huge variation in size, but it did make the 'knit 3 together' sections a bit awkward!

In what turned out to be fantastic timing, my mum was getting rid of a couple of circular throw cushions.  One of them filled most of the sheep shape, then I tore a few handfuls of wadding from the other and one perfectly stuffed sheep appeared before me.  I've also saved the old zips and covers for other projects, so there was some extreme recycling going on!

sheep cushion knitted bobble stitch finished knits purl soho pillow

Has anyone made this cushion?  Or anything else sheep inspired?

(My sheep will not be going to any garage sale, contrary to what Tam's t-shirt might be telling you...)

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