Thursday, 9 June 2016

The Buyer's Archive - May

vintage 90s C&A dress aztec tribal pattern summer dress crochet panel buyers archive charity shop

Two years ago, I started tracking my spending on everything that went into my wardrobe to see exactly how much of my outgoings went on non-essential items.  It's been an interesting experiment and one I plan to continue indefinitely.  Check out my journey here.

Oops, I'm slightly late with this month's post.  Let's blame my poor organisation skills combined with all of the stuff happening in the past week.  I'm going to try my best to be more punctual next month!

First up, a quick update on my purchases from last May.  I spent £6.25 on two sweaters, one of which I still own and love (the beige cashmere one).  The other wasn't a very flattering fit on me so it was filtered out, either to the eBay pile or the car boot one, I can't even remember now.  This May, I spent just a tiny bit more than that...

vintage C&A aztec print maxi dress button crochet panel wool cardigan M&S charity shop finds buyers archive

C&A Aztec pattern maxi dress via charity shop - £4.99
I took a bit of a risk with this dress - there were a couple of small seam holes and I wasn't sure I would suit the style and let's face it, I need no more dresses in my life, but I kinda love it.  Annoyingly, it's slightly see through, so I'll have to wear a slip with it - not something I'd usually bother with in the summer.  I'll see how much wear it gets in the next few months and possibly shorten it in the autumn to a more flattering length for wearing with tights.  The little crochet panels on the bodice make me happy though, as did the C&A flashback moment I just had when I was reading about them online - the Clockhouse brand still exists!  That was the cornerstone of my wardrobe back in the late 90s.

Vintage M&S men's wool cardigan via charity shop - £4.50
Another thing I need no more of - cardigans.  I just can't help myself - when I see a cosy woolly knit in great condition I buckle.  It might be time to get out of the shops since my overall charity shop luck has been excellent in the past few weeks.

new summer clothes charity shop finds white smock tunic top f&f wide leg cropped trousers east buyers archive

F&F embroidered tunic via charity shop - £4
I was searching for a white, 70s style smock top last month.  I'm not sure this is the perfect one - it's veeerrry big on me - but I might fiddle about with the shape of it and see what works.  Possibly losing the sleeves would help, since the voluminous style is drowning me a bit.  Stand by for updates!

East wide leg cropped trousers via charity shop - £1.99
Another case of finding just what I was looking for that day.  I fancied some wide leg crops for the summer months since I found myself wearing trousers much more last year (Apparently I'm living in a wind tunnel, oh well).  These are so comfortable and I love them to bits.  I had to take them in a bit at the waist but someone had already shortened them to the perfect length, so it was a fairly quick alteration.

Total spend for May 2016 was £15.48.  Not bad, but I think I might need to start selling off some of my lesser worn items - we're into minus numbers where coathangers are concerned now.

Who joined in this month?  Don't forget to use the #buyersarchive hashtag on social media so I can share your posts!


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