Thursday, 13 April 2017

A trip to St Abbs Wool Festival and Eyemouth

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Unusually for us, Tam and I had an actual plan to do actual specific things on Saturday.  The winter was full of good intentions and little execution but spring is when we really commit to following through on plans.  This weekend, it was a trip to the wool festival at St. Abbs which, confusingly, now takes place in Eyemouth.  I guess it outgrew its tiny original location?  Now, if you scroll any further, it'll become clear that I managed to take no pictures of the wool festival itself - I know, very bad blogging skillz - but I did put together a video for you all to enjoy!  I did a bit of editing at my last job and I really miss it, so I wanted to try my hand at filming and (digitally) splicing some clips together just to see what happened.  And guess what?  I rather enjoyed myself.  I've popped the final edit in at the end of this post so feel free to give me some feedback in the comments.

eyemouth statues black friday fishing skyline seaside scotland

eyemouth scotland beach seaside tideline cliffs

st abbs scotland eyemouth cliffs hills shore seaside rocks house on the hill

st abbs harbour from above scottish seaside coastal town boats skyline by the sea

st abbs national trust nature reserve jake rough collie dog scotland day trip sea cliffs

fishing boats harbour eyemouth scotland sea sunny hunting hall wool small business st abbs wool festival 2017

The wool festival turned out to be great fun - there were a few local yarn businesses that I hadn't heard of before and I picked up some gorgeous wool from Hunting Hall.  They had a small but beautiful selection of colours in each weight and I deliberated for ages over a rich mustard shade before defaulting to my usual combination of grey-with-something-slightly-darker.  Honestly, the gorgeous design on the labels had me pulling out my purse before I'd even made my choice - sheep and rabbit buddies!

Afterwards, it was down to the sea front for a walk and a chippy lunch in the sunshine (I can't even describe how much I miss deep fried pizza in England!) then we drove along to St. Abbs to check out the National Trust nature reserve and ogle the pretty harbour.   Jake was loving all the walking, although stopping for chips and watching seabirds were definitely not on his agenda, but I think he had fun being out in the sunshine anyway.  

The wool festival happens twice yearly and entry is a mere £2.  I think it's safe to say we'll be heading back!  Here's hoping the weather treats us just as nicely in November...

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