Friday, 7 April 2017

Knit New Lanark with #ScotlandinSix

Want to know a guaranteed way to gain my undivided attention?  Start a conversation about something relating to local history or knitting and I'll be hooked.  Simple.  This week, I'm particularly obsessed with outdoor swimming pools of the past and knitting bobbles into everything, but if you'd rather discuss which heritage sites you're visiting on your Easter holidays, I'm all ears.  Actually, I have a suggestion...

Come hang out with me at New Lanark on World Heritage Day!  I'm going to be their official knitting blogger for the day and I'll be joining in with all the fun (and free!) activities they have planned, including yarnbombing and learning about all things dyeing and spinning.  I'm a bit fascinated by the idea that nature can give us a plant and we can use it to make wool change colour.  And then make it into something wearable.  Suddenly it feels like I'm missing a few key skills as a knitter...  There's more info on the events page where you can also register for tickets - please do, because spaces are limited and it's proving pretty popular!  I already wrote about why New Lanark is the perfect place for a visit in case you need any further persuasion - it's one of my favourite places for a day out and I'm so excited to be heading back there.

If you can't make it to lovely New Lanark on the day, there's some other cool stuff going on around the country.  A steampunk festival at the Forth Bridge, a Battle of the Bands in Edinburgh and
a Great Roman Bake Off at the Antonine Wall in Falkirk, to name a few.  I know, that other one has cake, but we have squishy yarn and biscuits!  These fun events are planned by Dig It! 2017 as part of Scotland's themed year of History, Heritage and Archaeology, which aims to share ways that everyone can get involved in digging into our country's history.  Apparently, archaeology is about more than unearthing arrowheads and inspecting fossils using a tiny brush.  Who knew?

In the meantime, come and join the Visit Scotland community, where the chatter is all Scotland, all the time, or head on over to social media and search for the #ScotlandinSix hashtag to join in the conversation and share your favourite heritage sites.  There'll be a blogger at each site on World Heritage Day so keep an eye on the hashtag to see everything as it happens - hope to catch you there!

                                                             post written in collaboration with Dig It! 2017

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