Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Buyer's Archive - April

Back in early 2015, I started a series of posts that I called The Buyer's Archive to document what I was spending on wearable items every month.  I also looked back to the previous year to see how my purchases compared to then, and detailed what had survived and was still being worn, and which pieces had found their way to the charity shop.  I'm not usually much of a list maker but this is an area of life that I find endlessly fascinating - what drives people's shopping habits?  why do they wear what they do?  how do they decide what 'enough' looks like in terms of their wardrobe? - and although I can only document my own purchases, I love that others have joined in with the series (search for #buyersarchive on social media!)

After the bumper beginning I had to my shopping year, it was somewhat unsurprising that I found myself not very interested in buying anything new last month.  In fact, if it wasn't for the terribly ridiculous purchase I made on Saturday, I'd have been home free in April.  First though, a summary of how last April's finds have held up.

I'm still completely enthralled with both the navy and polka dot dresses.  It took a while for the shirt dress style to gain my affections but I loved layering it up with cosy knits all winter (who am I kidding, I'm still doing that)  Both are good for Friday night drinks if I've not come straight from work and have time to brush my hair/not look like a lazy scruff.  Last week I wore the navy dress with a summery cardigan and my boss told me 'it's weird seeing you in lady clothes' so I'm gonna take that as a very roundabout compliment.

The grey dress fared less well - it seemed to walk an odd line between being smarter than the rest of my clothes in style, but the jersey made it seem a bit...lumpy.  I don't know.  It didn't go well with cardigans and wasn't something I could really wear to work, so I sold it on eBay last week.  The knit waistcoat was given to Tam since it seems I like the idea of waistcoats more than I actually like wearing them.  Oh well.  Only keeping half the items I bought isn't a great turnaround but it's helping me to become more intentional with my wardrobe.  Just keep that last sentence in mind when you see my one and only purchase from this April...

Farfield sheep fleece via charity shop - £4.50
I know.  Isn't this just the daftest thing you've ever seen?  Fleece jackets don't usually come close to being on my radar when I'm charity shopping (unless a particularly hideous one invades my eye line) but this one has sheep.  Sheep!  And look how happy I am to have those sheep adorning me.  Or maybe it's because I found the jacket for sale online and it costs £69.50 to purchase new.  What?!  I very much thought it was something I could have picked up down at the indoor market.  I'm all for a practical purchase now and again but I suspect this jacket will really earn its place in the wardrobe around camping season.  In the meantime, I might wear it to work one day and see what my boss thinks of that outfit...

Total spend for April - £4.50

Total spend for 2017 so far (idea nicked from Hazel!) - £221.99

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