Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Summer of basics

summer of basics plan notebook sketch pad pencil polka dots spotty cath kidston gingham fabric sewing wardrobe planning plaid gingham denim checks stripes

Is anyone else taking part in Fringe Association's Summer of Basics make-along?  All the info can be found by clicking the link, but the general idea is to spend the next three months, from 1st June to 31st August, making yourself three wardrobe basics either by knitting, sewing or crocheting.  I've had some vague sewing plans swirling in my head for a little while but actually sitting down and getting on with things is where I falter.  Sewing garments is by no means my favourite thing to do even if I do like having some pretty handmades in my wardrobe, but I'm looking forward to getting more acquainted with my new sewing machine.

summer of basics plan notebook sketch pad pencil polka dots spotty cath kidston gingham fabric sewing wardrobe planning

Here's what I have in mind for my summer of creating...

PURPLE CARDIGAN - This guy.  I really need to make a start on it.  I've been telling myself that I have more pressing knits to finish first, which is true, but just casting on the cardi would be all the push I need to get on with it.  Hopefully.

SLEEVELESS CHECK BLOUSE - I have such a clear picture of this design in my head that a tiny part of me suspects I already own a similar top.  Or maybe it was something I was desperately coveting at one time and the image stayed with me?  Who knows.  I found the fabric in a charity shop a few weeks ago and bought it with the intention of using it as project bag lining.  It was displayed rolled up and tied with a ribbon so I didn't realise the piece was large enough to make a garment with until I pulled it out of the washing basket.  I'm going to try a pattern hack with one of my favourite blouses.  It will (hopefully) have a little gathering at the shoulders and a v-neck with false button placket.  It's been so long since I made myself a garment so I'm quite excited about trying this out!

DENIM/GINGHAM DRESS - You know that 90s dress that I'm crazy about?  I realised recently that I had stash fabric to make myself another one.  I'm still deciding whether to make a straight copy or make it more of a pinafore style i.e. omit the buttons.  There's nothing I dread more in sewing than making buttonholes.  SUCH A FAFF.  The only flaw in this plan is that the denim is currently in the form of a large pair of jeans, so the front and back panels will both have seams in the centre, which will probably be better disguised as a button down...

CROP TOP - What's that?  I already have one of those?  Yes, I do.  And now I need a fabric version.  This garment is a bit of a bonus entry but the one that would likely be the easiest to achieve.  I have some blue stripe fabric that I got in a swap ages ago (I think it might have come from Helen originally) that would be perfect and again, I can use the blouse from above to make a pattern.

blue fabrics secondhand slow fashion summer of basics stripes denim checks plaid gingham

Here's my fabric.  You'd never guess that my wardrobe mostly consisted of blue clothing, would you?  I don't even do it intentionally - it seems I'm just drawn to certain shades!  At least it makes things easier to match up.  The best thing about this fabric (and yarn) is that it's all secondhand, so the environmental impact is just about as low as I could possibly achieve (not humble bragging, just trying to offset my addiction to oft-plastic-wrapped snack food...).  I may write more about my views on slow fashion at some point, if anyone would be interested?  It's a topic I find really interesting and something that everyone seems to consider in different ways, which could be a good discussion to open up.

Right, time to start sewing!

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