About the blog
This wee space started out almost five years ago as Foof and Faff, so named as a tribute to the daft names my friend and I used to call each other.  In the beginning it was pretty much just pictures of me in my latest charity shopped outfits, but over time it evolved into more of a lifestyle blog, even if it felt like me rambling about whatever came into my head that day.  Now, while there's still plenty of charity shop bargains to be styled, I also write about my latest craft projects and the adventures I have around Scotland and beyond.

In late 2014 I decided a name change was in order and, after some serious thought, I landed on what might be the simplest one I could have dreamed up.  Thus, Elise and Life was (re) born.

About me
It's pretty obvious what my name is by now so...other things about me...

- I'm Scottish, born and raised on the west coast and now living in the north of England.
- My career started life in a cinema projection booth and after a couple of years in a film archive, I'm back in cinema, running film and fixing things in a building that's slowly following apart (or so it seems)
- Perhaps somewhat obvious from my job title and blog, photography is also a huge love of mine, and I get ridiculously excited about the idea of preserving the past.
- As for other hobbies, I was a knitter for over twenty years before I learned to crochet and now I divide my time between the two.
- I have no patience for TV watching but when  I discovered Netflix, I had no idea how I survived so long without it.

My partner in adventures is my boyfriend Tam, and his dog Jake (and before him, Parsnip) joins us on occasion.  Tam lives near Edinburgh so our travels range far and wide.  He's an excellent artist, picture taker, wool unwinder, chauffeur and hugger.  In fact, he's a champion at hugs.  It's a tall person thing.

Contact me
If you'd like to talk to me about any subject under the sun (my knowledge of the universe beyond is a bit patchy though), send me an email at elisew1234(at)gmail(dot)com and I'll get back to you ASAP.  Alternatively, find me on BloglovinTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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